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Personal Loans: Auto Loans and Loans

Need money to pay bills, invest or buy a car? Get to know Loan personal loans, auto loans and loans, which always have an ideal financial solution according to your payment possibilities.

Below is the type of loan that best fits your profile and your current needs.

Loan Personal Loan

Loan Personal Loan


It is the type of loan that is most suitable because it meets a larger number of people who need money in a short term (marriage, travel, health, property reform, car repair, etc.) and is ideal for those who need to leave or do not want to enter. on overdraft or revolving credit card credit.

While offering several benefits and offering lower interest rates than overdraft and credit card, the client must look at their ability to pay just to make today’s financial relief a big headache tomorrow. That explained, let’s move on to the main advantages of personal loan.

  • Choice of installment payment date. This option will depend on the loan date and maturity.
  • Payment made easy up to 24 times equal² on check or up to 18 times equal on checkbook. Loan approval and installation number are subject to registration, credit and other product conditions. Transaction subject to IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions) and other taxes and / or fees. The CET, Total Effective Cost, is presented prior to hiring.
  • First installment can be paid after 60 days.
  • No need for advance deposit.
  • Participate in Losango Award-Winning Insurance, stay protected and apply for up to $ 20,000.00 per month. Monthly draw related to the assignment of capitalization securities, guaranteed. Gross value without considering income tax rebate. Optional contracting when a financing agreement is entered into.

Necessary documents

ID, CPF, proof of income and residence.

Payroll Loan

Payroll Loan


We know that interest rates are not always attractive to those who need money, especially in the short term. But if you are a pensioner, server or retired, be aware that Payroll offers low interest rates.

Once again we reinforce that it is good to do an analysis of your payment terms, see how much you can pay per month (loan installments) and get the credit you need to do what you want or need: pay off debts, travel, fix to car. , renovate the house, etc.

The following are the main advantages of making a payroll.

  • Install the loan up to 72 times.
  • Choose the due date of the installments.

Do not forget to bring the documents to carry out your payroll: original ID and CPF, proof of residence and benefit card. Click here to learn more.

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