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Our car loan – cheap vehicle financing

Whether for a new job or for the family: a car is often important or even indispensable. If you want to buy a used or new car, your car dealer will probably offer you the advantages of leasing.

However, we see it differently, which is why you should think about our flexible car loan. So that you know all the facts of the two alternatives, we compared vehicle leasing with our online car loan for you. Decide for yourself which financing suits you.

Buy or rent

Buy or rent

If you choose to lease, the car will not be yours. It remains the property of the bank. You only buy the right to use the car for a specified period of time and the agreed number of kilometers.

This means that you are not allowed to sell the vehicle. If you still want it, the dealer must agree to the car sale. After his approval, he will replace the vehicle at the bank. In contrast, with a car loan, the car is yours from the start, so you can sell it at any time. Only you will decide when the right time has come.

Your obligation does not end when the contract expires

After you have paid all monthly installments on time for car leasing, the remaining difference is due. If you cannot or do not want to pay this, the vehicle will be returned to the dealer. However, if you have chosen our cheap car loan, you can finance the remaining balance discreetly and easily. Another advantage of this alternative is that you can claim a small loan on your tax return.

The car insurance

The car insurance

As soon as you have bought a vehicle, you must insure it. With a personal loan, it is up to you whether you choose partial or full insurance. In the case of a leased vehicle, the latter is prescribed to the customer. You should bear in mind that taking out insurance for a leased vehicle is significantly more expensive than buying one.

If there is total damage in an accident, the comprehensive insurance only pays the current value of the car. You have to pay the remaining balance from your own wallet. In addition, the lessee must replace vehicle damage with original parts. At the end of the contract, the garage owner can also offset all damage that goes beyond the usual signs of wear.


As you can see, there are some aspects that speak for an online personal loan. You can use our loan calculator to calculate different financing options. Of course, you can also apply for your vehicle loan online right away.

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